Special Hosting

The Entire Castle

Dona Castle – The place is perfect for a private family vacation.
Rent the entire castle complex, booking all 6 suites by one extended family so you can enjoy family exclusivity and privacy.
Dona Castel meets the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and will provide its guests with a wide public space, maintaining sterility and a high level of cleanliness.

אירועים מיוחדים

Private Events

Dona Castle is proud to invite you and your loved ones to celebrate with us at your most special events.
Boutique weddings, birthday celebrations, anniversaries and more.
In order to fulfill the dream, we will help with everything needed to hold an elegant and original event.

Chef Meals

You can book a chef’s meal that will be served on our knights table. Up to 20 people.

אירועים מיוחדים
אירועים מיוחדים

Business Events

Dona Castle is a perfect location for company management members, branch and department managers and allows them to enjoy a fascinating and extraordinary experience for interesting and original outdoor activities. Social evenings and advanced studies.

  • Cooking workshops with the best chefs in the country.
  • Artist workshops.
  • Board meetings / annual work plans.
  • Presentations on a huge plasma screen.